Congratulations to our partners at Scribe on the launch of Scribe Works


Yesterday, our friends and partners at Scribe Software launched a great new product that has proven to be valuable to us in managing Salesforce integrations. Check out the press release to learn more.

Scribe Software Announces Scribe Works for Salesforce Partners

New Salesforce Application Makes Systems Integrators and Managed Service Providers More Efficient at Selling and Supporting Integration Services

MANCHESTER, NH and CHICAGO – August 10, 2017 – Scribe Software, a global data integration leader, today announced general availability of Scribe Works as a supplement to Scribe’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS). Scribe Works is a new Salesforce application that gives Salesforce systems integrators (SIs) and managed service providers (MSPs) a more efficient way to price, sell, provision, and manage subscriptions to Scribe’s iPaaS. With Scribe Works, partners can generate accurate pricing proposals for Scribe’s iPaaS, provision subscriptions, and monitor the health of deployed integrations – all directly from their Salesforce system. Through this combination of capabilities, Scribe Works provides partners with real-time access to everything they need to provide a better, friction-free customer experience, whether they wish to deliver packaged integration solutions or provide managed services.

Despite expectations that cloud solutions can be quickly and easily purchased, it is often a challenge for SIs and MSPs to gather and disseminate information from many cloud vendors. This can lead to delays and unnecessary friction in the sales cycle for integration services. To address this problem, Scribe Works provides Scribe’s Salesforce partners with instant access to key information, including a real-time pricing engine connected directly to the Scribe price book. With Scribe Works, partners can create a seamless, positive experience for prospective customers by creating accurate, branded pricing proposals and reducing instances of price changes after the initial quote. In addition, Scribe Works enables partners to independently provision trial subscriptions, helping them maintain full control over the integration sales cycle

“Scribe Works has removed friction from every phase of the integration sales process, so that we can move sales more quickly through the pipeline and simply deliver a better sales experience to our customers,” said Grace Klingensmith, managing partner of implementation and delivery, at VennScience. “It seamlessly ties into Salesforce and the proposal generation capabilities are highly interactive, so we can provide customers with a high-quality proposal that gives a clear picture of what an integration project will cost. This has the potential to drive an uptick in closed opportunities and expand our integration services business significantly.”

Scribe Works also benefits partners after the sale is complete by providing them with a convenient way to manage integrations throughout their lifecycle. Through a single view directly in Salesforce, partners can monitor the health and status of all their customers, giving them an efficient way to manage integrations for many customers, an early warning to potential issues, and assistance to address any issues that arise.

“Having the ability to monitor all of our client integrations from a central dashboard right within Salesforce is a huge advantage to our business. It makes it extremely easy to keep customer integrations running at peak performance,” said Yacov Wrocherinsky, founder and CEO of Orion Global Solutions. “It has tightened our ability to offer integration as a managed service because we now have control over the entire process, from conception, to execution, to maintenance. Scribe Works is an extremely valuable product for Orion Global Solutions.”

“Scribe Works optimizes the workflow of our Salesforce partners. By providing integration status data for their customers directly in Salesforce we enable our partners to deliver new levels of proactive management and monitoring. These capabilities evolved from many joint design sessions with leading system integrators, and managed service providers,” said Shawn McGowan, CEO, Scribe Software. “We have long been at the forefront of helping systems integrators and consultants expand their revenue opportunities by making integration services more approachable and now as those partners evolve to a revenue module based on managed services we are continuing to look for new opportunities to reduce their costs and effort across the entire integration lifecycle – all the way from the first sales interactions through deployment, maintenance, and upselling or replacement.”

Scribe Works is available through the Salesforce AppExchange. For more information about Scribe Works, please visit To learn more about the Scribe Online iPaaS or to schedule a free trial, please visit


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