Security and Monitoring Services Firm

Consolidating cross-divisional pipelines and removing the burden of manual data input and reporting.

Content Management Platform

Integrating Sales Cloud with Pardot, and introducing a strategic blueprint to support fast-growing technology company.

Global Travel Management Company

Identifying opportunities to optimize the Pardot platform through best practice-driven design and responsive templates.



Electric Manufacturing

Salesforce pick-me-up in the form of Lead configuration/data import and Management Dashboard development.

Facility Management Services Firm

Team collaboration and self-service reporting to boost sales productivity and pipeline visibility, leading to significant cost savings.

Food Manufacturing and Distribution 

Guidance through the Salesforce selection and acquisition process and roadmap for successful implementation.



Business Consulting and Market Intelligence 

Increasing marketing efficiency by 90% and creating ongoing value with responsive and reusable marketing assets and Pardot optimization.

Security Management Services 

Unlocking customer and prospect insights and yielding greater efficiency by standardizing marketing and sales processes.


What our customers say

“Orion has been a tremendous value in our Salesforce implementation. The Orion team has been invaluable to the process and has done a great job understanding our business processes and providing excellent best practice experience."
- Guidepost Solutions