Guidance through digital transformation

Technology solutions and trusted expertise to power sales and marketing success


What we do

Business excellence

We focus on your organization's operations, technology alignment strategy and change management to ensure that you achieve excellence. 

Technology selection

We provide unbiased assistance with the identification, selection and acquisition of world class technology, giving you the confidence that you've explored all options and selected the optimal solution for your business.

Technology deployment

Our deep expertise in quality assurance, risk management and vendor compliance ensure successful deployment and adoption.


Cloud technology offers scalability, responsiveness and efficiencies that have a huge impact on the way organizations operate and deliver to their customers. However, many organizations are scrambling to the cloud without the preparation, expertise or resources to know exactly what they need and which platform, implementation approach and partner is right for them, let alone how to maximize the benefits of the technology.

As your trusted advisor and partner, Orion Global Solutions represents your company’s interests and provides your team with expert insight into the technology decision process to ensure success. While taking a neutral stance, we apply decades of experience and comprehensive technical knowledge to help you navigate through your digital transformation journey and achieve the maximum return on your investment.

Client benefits 

  • The right technology aligned with your specific business strategy
  • Accelerated sales cycle
  • Rapid deployment
  • Increased user adoption
  • Higher return on technology spend
  • License and development savings

Dedicated support at every stage of your transformation journey

Cloud Strategy, Design and Build

  • Organizational, employee and customer needs analysis
  • Creation of business use cases
  • Build or buy decision and process 

Pre-sales Support

  • Assistance in decision-making and platform selection
  • Product comparisons, including Salesforce vs. Microsoft

Purchasing Support

  • Guidance through the purchasing process
  • Selection of implementation approach and/or partner
  • Negotiation with provider and partner
  • Migration and implementation support

User Adoption and Optimization Support

Education and Best Practices

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