Salesforce and Orion team take mission from U.S. Navy SEAL

On Thursday afternoon, our partners at Salesforce swapped their sales targets with missions from former U.S. Navy SEAL Chief Rob Roy as part of a team building day facilitated by Orion Global Solutions. The focus of the day was to provide an opportunity for Saleforce’s relatively new retail and consumer goods team to develop comraderies through shared experiences, as well as enhance their leadership and teamwork skills. And who better to take leadership excellence lessons from than highly skilled and trained Navy SEALs.

Orion Global Solutions, a growing Salesforce certified consulting and implementation partner, focuses and models its business around the Navy Seal’s teachings and ideals. So much so that we have brought Rob Roy as part of the team to truly incorporate his teachings to our culture.

In line with Orion’s belief that people are a critical component to technology success, we offer team building and leadership training in lead by Chief Rob Roy. Chief Roy is an award winning, 26-year veteran of the US Navy, 20 of which he was an active member of the SEAL teams. While in the SEALs, Roy served with SEAL Team Six, an anti-terrorism and maritime interdiction team that serves as one of the US Governments key devices in the Global War on Terror.

Inspired by the event, the 30-member Salesforce team took on the name ‘Salesforce SEALs’, and gave it their own meaning: Special Engagement Account Liaisons.

“Navy SEALs are conquering the greatest challenges in the world, everything is a mission and you’re never there, it always keeps going. You finish one mission, we’re on to the next. I really feel like this is our starting point, our jumping off point to really do amazing things,” said Area Vice President, CPG/Retail Brian Weinberger.

The day began with a presentation by Chief Roy to empower the team with the Navy SEALs’ culture of success to inspire deeper commitment to their team and organization. Communication, mental toughness and mission mentality were also key takeaways from the Navy SEALs that can be applied to the business world. The team was then given the opportunity to put their learning into practice with mind-challenges before going on mission to Central Park which had them doing group push-up and flag-raising competitions and exercises.

The Orion team rolled up their sleeves and took on the challenge alongside our Salesforce partners.

“The Orion team was honored to be part of the Salesforce team for the day. We can’t wait to achieve great things with them this year and beyond,” Orion CEO Yacov Wrocherinsky said.

Chief Rob Roy says he was impressed by all the participants’ commitment to excellence and teamwork throughout the day.

“One of the exciting things for me as a SEAL is to have these Salesforce SEALs work with me and Orion in a competitive environment and achieve a lot. I think the relationship between the Salesforce SEALS is much stronger, where they go from here is going to be outstanding. They’re going to do a lot of great things together as a team,” Chief Roy said.

Orion was extremely honored to work alongside the other ISV sponsors Jitterbit and NewVoiceMedia. It was an amazing experience to come together to provide a memorable experience for the Salesforce team.

Amalia Ridwan