Our client is a respected provider of world-class consulting services and high-quality market intelligence that consistently lead to clients' success in growing and improving business.


Market Research and Management Consulting


90% reduction in manual effort
100% improvement in visitor and client visibility 


Sales Cloud
Custom website platform




Following a new implementation of the Salesforce Sales Cloud, our client required a new implementation of Pardot. The client had an antiquated website that was built on a non-responsive, custom-developed platform. There were no HTML marketing assets -  only copy on Word documents. There was no true automation processes in place; efforts were 100% manual, including data entry into Act/Swiftpage.

With hundreds of forms on the client's website for requests for reports, a solution had to be designed to configure them in Pardot,without having to pore over the extensive quantity of forms due to budget parameters. 


The Orion team replaced ACT and SWIFTPAGE, providing a bundled, integrated, cloud-based infrastructure with the Sales Cloud and Pardot. We designed a Marketing Automation Strategy and a Pardot configuration that mapped lead generation activities from the client's Kline website to Pardot; designed an efficient, custom, responsive form solution that could be duplicated system-wide by Kline personnel; designed six HTML responsive email templates with hard coding to ensure ease-of-use; used the full power of Pardot’s automation (completion actions and segmentation) to streamline marketing activities; and provided Pardot troubleshooting, training and client support to the Marketing Director and her team.


By providing the client with strategic guidance and custom marketing process flow designs, our client saw greater than 90% reduction in manual effort to conduct marketing campaigns; 100% automation of lead process, moving Kline from complete manual effort to strategic automation process; 100% increase in visitor and client tracking and cross-marketing visibility, none of which was possible prior to the implementation. The Orion team saved the client at least one month of effort by designing a cost-effective process for form management.