Our client is a technology company based in New York. Their first-to-market distributed content management platform is used by the largest brands to efficiently distribute messaging across social media channels.




Improved data quality
Streamlined processes
Improved lead capture and management


Sales Cloud




Our client was experiencing ‘growing pains’ as they underwent rapid growth, impacting both their Salesforce and Pardot success. Inexperience and staff turnover was a contributing factor to the under-performance of these platforms. In addition, Pardot utilization effectiveness, best practices and system government were nonexistent. The client needed to ensure Pardot was optimized to support their current needs, and with an impending product launch on the horizon, they feared the current utilization could not support their lead management and nurturing efforts, in turn hampering their ability to grow their market presence.


The Orion team performed a Pardot system and website audit to pinpoint and prioritize the major issues to be addressed immediately to ensure efficient and effective use of Pardot. We reviewed the initial technical implementation of Pardot and integration with Salesforce. Through this process, our team identified a critical issue with the Pardot Form Handlers that caused numerous issues that had to be resolved. To ensure ongoing success, Orion designed business processes mapped to automation capabilities of Pardot and deployed automation rules and completion actions to support these new processes and ensure that they were in sync with Salesforce integration and reporting requirements of the client’s management team. In addition, the Orion team designed, tested and created responsive marketing assets.


Within 30 days, Pardot optimization was complete and new processes were deployed to ensure effective and efficient use of the platform and reporting requirements of the management team. Our client saw immediate value including: 90% improvement in data quality due to optimization of Pardot forms; streamlined Sales and Marketing processes effectiveness by 50%; and dramatically improved lead capture and management process with an integrated Pardot and Sales Cloud solution. In addition, reusable, custom responsive creative marketing assets will provide ongoing value to the client.