Our customer provides security, investigative, compliance and monitoring services to meet critical client needs with innovative technical and strategic solutions. 




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“Orion has been a tremendous value in our Salesforce implementation. [Our Consultant] has been invaluable to the process and has done a great job understanding our business processes and providing excellent best practice experience”
- Customer


Our customer had no central CRM system for all company personnel. For tracking potential new business, some divisions used Cosential (a cloud-based project management tool) and some used Excel. For a holistic view of their pipeline forecast, employees manually performed consolidation of Opportunity metrics on a bi-weekly basis. The process was unfeasible to continue with the growth of the company. They had failed CRM implementations in the past because they weren't adequately tailored to the needs of their three different divisions. The three unique lines of business had differing opinions on requirements and priorities. An additional challenge was that data available for export from the legacy systems was complex and minimal data model documents were available.


Orion undertook an interactive configuration approach and provided the customer with a solution that ensured that the Salesforce platforms were in sync and improved the operations and alignment of the three very unique lines of business. The Orion team led the effort to define and implement a comprehensive solution that optimized the integrated functionality of Salesforce1 mobile, Sales Cloud, a Custom app for Project Delivery, and a Document Repository. 

Following the implementation, we led a rigorous User Acceptance Testing and provided web-based training unique to each line of the business.

In order to complete a seamless data migration, the Orion team learned the Cosential data model and the idiosyncrasies of our customer's data in depth.


Salesforce is now the system of record for all customer and prospect information, as well as all opportunity tracking, allowing the customer to retire their inefficient legacy systems. The time spent performing manual data consolidation and manipulation cross-company pipeline reporting dropped to zero. Customer service is improved, in part due to team members’ use of Salesforce1 mobile to quickly respond to customer needs while out of the office. Communication among team members for team-selling and management coaching is greatly improved with the use of Chatter for collaboration and information/reference crowd-sourcing.