Our client is a facility management services firm offering a variety of service offerings to commercial and residential customers, including Janitorial, Landscape, Staffing, Security and Total Facility Care.


Facility Management Services


Salesteam alignment
Improved pipeline visibility
Cost savings
Improved collaboration


Lightning Experience
Salesforce 1 Mobile
Salesforce for Outlook
Mail Merge
Sales Cloud




Due to the competitive and transactional nature of the client’s services, its sales team must be extremely responsive and work collaboratively to close business. Additionally, due to the fast-paced nature of these transactions, management requires real-time visibility into deal status. Although ACT! was the client's home for customer and contact information, there was no robust process or supporting technology for tracking new leads and opportunity development. Additionally, there was no process for entering calls and meetings, thereby requiring team members to constantly follow up with each other. Assembling key performance metrics was extremely labor intensive and management was not easily able to get a pulse on the status of leads.


Knowing that the client wanted to resolve immediate pain points as well as establish a platform for long-term business transformation, the Orion team implemented Salesforce and Lightning Experience was leveraged to enable productivity and user adoption. The Salesforce Leads and Opportunities objects were configured to provide the client with a home for tracking lead development and sales pipeline tracking. Chatter and Activity Management features were leveraged to support team collaboration. Opportunity Products were also configured to allow Management to slice and dice deals by product line. To boost productivity, Mail Merge templates were implemented to allow customer and opportunity information to pre-populate into a proposal Word Document. A Management Dashboard and corresponding reports were built to allow for real-time visibility into Lead and Opportunity key performance metrics.


Across the client’s team, collaboration was exponentially improved. Chatter deployment has also improved sales team collaboration and efficiency by an estimated 50-75%. Team members now follow a consistent process which increases productivity and makes more time for selling. The sales team estimates collaboration improvement to greater than 50%. Pipeline visibility has been improved by 100%. The management team now has the ability through Orion-created robust dashboards to monitor aggregated key metrics 24/7. Alignment and efficiency of the sales team has also been exponentially improved with Mail Merge templates for correspondence and proposal documents. Using Lightning Experience is intuitive and helps users be more productive by placing the actions they perform the most only a click away. All of the above contribute to bottom line cost savings.