Our client specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of quality food and food-related products. The client serves customers though a family of companies, including one of the United States’ largest food service distributors.


Food manufacturing and distribution


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“Orion helped make a great business decision for us. We got an extremely competitive deal and got an awesome product for our team. I'm so glad we partnered with Orion help with this critical process and decision.”




Our client had purchased a number of Microsoft CRM seats and attempted to implement the system into their customer care and sales departments. Due to lack of business involvement and technology expertise shortcomings, adoption was low and the system was incomplete, falling short of the client's needs. Before engaging Orion, the company had been given demonstrations of both Microsoft CRM and Salesforce. The process had left the leadership team anxious, as they failed to see beyond the price tags and did not properly understand how either platform solved their problems. In addition, due to a failed implementation history, it was also difficult for the team to get buy-in from sales. Ultimately, the client decided to replace Microsoft CRM with Salesforce.


The Orion team was engaged as as a trusted advisor to guide the client through the Salesforce acquisition process, ensuring a roadmap toward successful implementation. Orion was significantly involved in all stages of the acquisition, including setting up a steering committee to represent all stakeholders, building the right use cases, performing a needs analysis, developing a proof of concept, demonstrating ROI. In addition, the Orion team was present on sales calls and product demonstrations. Orion and worked directly with Salesforce to negotiate the contract and place the order, further streamlining the process. 


Orion successfully guided the client through the evaluation, selection and acquisition of the Salesforce Platform, which led to $1.8 million in savings. In addition, our team set up processes and framework, reached the right commercial terms and gave the client the confidence they needed to continue transforming the company for years to come.