Our client is a leading provider of global corporate travel management, employing more than 12,000 professionals in over 110 countries.




Improved processes
Increased open rates
Brand value






Orion's client operates worldwide with marketing operations in more than 50 locations throughout the world. The company had both the Salesforce Sales Cloud and Pardot, but was operating its sales and marketing divisions independently. The Corporate Marketing department had extensive difficulty ensuring that remote marketing locations adhered to Pardot best practices and were inundated with Pardot troubleshooting questions on a daily basis. Approximately 50-75% of these questions related to template usage.


The Orion team conducted a Pardot audit to review usage and identify optimization opportunities. The team worked with the Marketing Director to prioritize projects for Orion to address, including Pardot design templates for Landing Pages, Forms, a Custom Email Preference Center and Email. Orion’s HTML experts developed best practice-driven design comps to ensure that all Pardot templates adhered to the company’s corporate branding guidelines. Finally, the Orion team created custom, responsive, mobile-friendly templates that would work for the worldwide team, with numerous languages and country customizations. The templates were designed to ensure ease-of-use for hundreds of Marketing team members throughout the world.


The Orion team deployed its rapid design approach, enabling our client to begin using new templates within two weeks of our engagement. As a result, the client's marketing efficiency throughout the world had increased by 75%, and our client’s brand integrity is ensured through improved processes. In addition, the Marketing Director's time spent troubleshooting email, form, and landing page design template issues was reduced by more than 50%, the client's email click-through rate increased 15% and form completions increased 25%.